The Future of American Aid to Ukraine

Ukraine’s success in resisting the occupiers is largely due to Western assistance, which is expressed in diplomatic pressure, humanitarian and financial aid, weapons, and the imposition of various sanctions packages against Russia. U.S. military and financial aid is one of the most important components of the campaign to help Ukraine. The U.S has allocated nearly $70 billion to support Ukraine in the war so far, which is causing controversy in the Senate. Concerns at the border with Mexico, disagreements over the European aid package and the upcoming U.S. presidential election are causing concerns about what will happen to aid to Ukraine in the future. U.S. security policy is about to engage with a variety of threats and shift its attention away from Europe. This analysis, written by Antonio Dafinov, aims to familiarize readers with current U.S. policy on the conflict in Ukraine, while also offering an analysis of the most important political developments in the country and possible scenarios regarding financial support for Ukraine.